Create animated shows on your mobile device

Tell visual stories using your mobile device. Its easy and quick. No skills or learning required.


    Use ready made assets to produce your animated shows. Choose characters, scenes, animations and more.


    It only takes a few steps to make your animated shows. Just tweak a few things and record your story.


    Produce animated shows from start to finish using your mobile device. No setup or learning skills required.

    Current Product

    Meet Blockee. It enables you to easily and quickly create monologue based animated shows using your mobile device.

    This is our first step to build a comprehensive and practical mobile tool that enables the creation of animated shows.

    Product Specs

    Learn details about Blockee and stories you can tell.


    Each character on Blockee is carefully created by our editorial and design team and every character has a unique story.


    Blockee is a block based universe. Everything is made out of blocks.


    Scenes on Blockee enable you to shoot monologue based scenes. You can choose among our various monologue scenes and tell your story.


    Use your facial expressions to animate characters and tell your stories using your voice. Your performances are unique to you.

    How It Works?

    Learn how the animated show creation process works.
    Select Character
    Select Background
    Select Music
    Do Acting
    Record Your Story

    Ready. Set. Action.

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